Pulp Kitchen

The health benefits for juicing are still up for debate but one thing’s for sure there is a lot of pulp (read fibre) thrown in the bin or compost heap. Rumour has it that this pulp still contains a good amount of its nutrients and of course it’s an excellent source of fibre. So why throw it out when you can rework into delicious and interesting dishes.

Instead of using flour or breadcrumbs in veggie burgers or meatballs use the fruit and veggie pulp, it has its own interesting flavour and combined with herbs and spices and some egg and flour to bind make excellent burgers of patties.

Add it to a soup or make your own vegetable broth. It can be used to bulk up muffins sweet or savoury, fritters or dips, and is a wonderful filling for omelettes, terrines and quiches.

Combine ingredients from different flavour and texture groups- sweet, sour, earthy, smooth, bitter, spicy, creamy and create healthy and tasty drinks.  Then work the pulp into your favourite healthy dishes.

See the recipes and photographs I worked on with Rob van der Vet and Esther Munnik. the story was published later by Jamie Magazine NL.

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Recipes from Pulp Kitchen